Little Monsters Balloon Play

Little Monsters are creating memories and experiences through entertainment and play.

Our aim has been to create an experience that is accessible to children and young adults living with additional and special needs at both school units and private parties or groups. The groups will learn as they play with our tactile and interactive approach. We draw on early development techniques and aid communication, attention and language development.

We use a multitude of magical effects, balloon modelling, songs and games to produce a session which is engaging, educational and above all fun.

The group will love the problem solving balloon mazes, making balloon shapes like squares and triangles, recognising colours and numbers.

The games have a slight magical twist to them ensuring a positive result, this in turn empowers the participant and focuses on expression and interaction for the entire group. 

If you would like more information about how Little Monsters Balloon Play can work for your group or party, please get in touch via the contact form

Some of the most rewarding shows I have performed over the last ten years have been for groups of children and young adults with additional and special need.

So I wanted to create a show which was as accessible as possible to these young people, an interactive show all about them and for them. Little Monsters Balloon Play is hands on, full of colour, magical, engaging, educational, empowering and fun. Amazing memories are guaranteed for all involved.

" So patient with all the pupils, but so entertaining everyone was engaged AND involved!"

"He was good …..the best bit was the dog . He was really funny and when the magic wand kept breaking!"

"It was fantastic, great ideas used math's and geography great skills for the pupils"

"My favorite thing about the balloon man was the puzzle balloon and making the shapes"

"Very entertaining and he made sure all the pupils were involved he was amazing with them!"

"Brilliant, all the children were able to take part in something and they loved it."

"He was good.... The best bit was the magic words …. Labridoodle doo flush it down the loo"

"All the children were engaged and having fun. it was great they all got to take something home"

"I loved going up the front and playing the game"

"My Favorite part was having a pink poodle balloon"

"My Blue balloon dog it was awesome."