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Ways to help your entertainer

Sunday, May 31, 2015 12:00 AM

Ways to help your entertainer help you provide a great party for your children

A tongue in cheek look at what steps could be taken to help your children’s entertainer help you to provide the best party ever.

1 – Please leave a convenient parking space near the entrance to the venue where the party is taking place. This will put your entertainer in a good mood from the moment he or she arrives. Many entertainers have lots of equipment, I am no exception. In fact I think I carry more than most. A large case with two speakers inGood parking spaces are appreciated A large chest where all the magic is kept Four speaker stands, two for speakers and two for the back drop A case containing music players, microphones and other electrical things A box on wheels for party game accessories Two baskets full of balloons 1 backdrop In all, between 5 and 7 trips back and fore from the van.

2 – Please do not scatter balloons all over the hall floor. This may look very decorative, but within minutes of the first boy arriving they will all begin to get popped. This in turn leads to over excitement, especially in boys. It also makes Setting up harder for the entertainer as he or she has to keep removing balloons form the work area while trying not to get involved in a game of keepy uppy. In addition, anything that isn’t bolted down or too heavy to lift will usually get thrown at the entertainer, especially balloons.

3 – Please tell the entertainer what time the party starts, not just the time you want them there. This gives the entertainer a chance to set up before any children arrive rather than dragging their heavy kit through crowds of excited children asking “What’s in there?” “When are you starting?” “Are you the magic man?” “What magic are you going to do?”

– Please allow your entertainer to do their job. Many entertainers have been running parties like yours for many years; they know what they are doing.

“You are going to do the YMCA arn’t you”

Please do not keep stopping the entertainer and asking when you are going to play this game or that game. When will you be doing this, you haven’t forgotten about that have you? If you have reason to think that your entertainer does not know they are doing, then step in.

5 – If you’re planning a party that involves, bouncy castles or appearances from mascot characters, please inform your entertainer of this. Tell them what time the mascots are due to arrive and who they are coming as. This will help the entertainer schedule their show and will make for a better party. It’s awkward for everyone if the characters arrive halfway through a magic trick or even part way through the show. A good entertainer will be able to incorporate the mascots into the party seamlessly if he knows exactly when they are coming. Many entertainers offer such fabulous packages that there may not even be the need for a bouncy castle, especially if the party is 1 or even 2 hours long. In order for you to get the best value for money from your entertainer it would be advisable to deflate the castle just before the show starts. In my personal opinion if you are having a 2 hour party and you are hiring an entertainer for two hours also, I do not see the need for a castle. If you are only hiring the entertainer for 1 hour then it’s great to have the castle while he or she is not there.

6 – Most children’s entertainers are not mind readers. They can not always tell where you are planning on having your party when you make your first enquiry. They cannot always tell how long you would need their services for, or indeed when. Let’s look at some….. shall we say vague enquiries. (These are all genuine enquiries that I have received) Do you have any availability in July? How much is your entertainment? Saw you at a friend’s party, how much please? What can you do for a 6 year old? And my favourite….How much for magic? Granted, these are all text or facebook messages, I don’t think anyone would be so blunt on the phone or even by email. But you get the general idea that it doesn’t give us entertainers a lot to go on with regards to giving a fair price for our work. It would be like contacting a plumber and asking “how much to fix a leak” He’s going to want some more information. On my website I have a contact form and on that form it asks for the rough area of the party, just a town, you don’t have to be specific at that stage. After all you could be messaging me from 100 miles away or just around the corner.

7 – Please, for you own sake, make sure when booking your entertainer that you have actually booked them. Each entertainer will have their own way of ensuring you that you have indeed booked them on a certain day at a certain time. Finding out that the entertainer is available on any day does not constitute a booking, neither does “Can you pencil me in and I’ll get back to you”.                                                                                                                                                           As entertainers we receive dozens of enquiries each week, asking for availability and prices. In most cases these enquiries end with you the client saying “Great can I book you then please?” The entertainer will then give you either a verbal clarification of the booking or something more permanent. On a few occasions I have received emails from people checking that everything is fine for next Saturday. When I chase back the email conversation the last email that was sent said “Ok great, Ill have a word with my husband and get back to you.” There was no booking. It’s unfortunate but it happens.  

8 – Please spare a thought for your entertainer, He or she is skilled at entertaining children. Entertainers sometimes have a vast arsenal of tactics to keep children happy and amused. When you invite an entertainer such as myself to your party you expect them to do their job and do it well. A completely reasonable expectation from you. What isn’t such a reasonable expectation is when you have spent the hour before the entertainer arrives filling the children up to the limit with as much sugar as you can lay your hands on. It is a common belief among some parents that if you put enough sugar into a child or children that they will wiz around entertaining themselves before the entertainer arrives. Unfortunately when the entertainer does arrive and gets their show ready, they spend most of the hour trying to peel the hyper active sugar drunk children off the walls instead of the entertainment that you are paying for. By the end of the party most of the childrens sugar levels have crashed and that’s when the tantrums and tiers start. Fortunately for the entertainer they have finished and can leave you to clear up after 30 hyper active children that are now in pieces.


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