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"Sit still and be quiet"

Thursday, January 9, 2020 12:00 AM

"Sit still and be quiet"

Have you ever been to see a show or visit the cinema and there’s someone constantly chatting?

It can be so annoying can’t it, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’re the one who does the chatting.


How about this. How many of you have taken your kids to the cinema or paid to see a show and your kids giggled and chatted all the way through it. You would probably tell them to “sit still and be quiet”  

In my job….if you can call it that, as a children’s entertainer, I get chatty kids all the time, but that’s ok. It’s what makes the show, the interaction between myself and those kids.

What I do find more often than not are CHATTY PARENTS!!

I used to think it was just me that noticed this but apparently not. Over the last year several parents have come to me either to apologise for the constant chattering of parents through the show or to ask how I manage it. In all seriousness it can be a problem and there have been times when I’ve had to stop the show and ask that the parents keep the noise down. Going back to my opening two paragraphes, would you accept it?

I use a microphone which I can turn up if required, so the kids that are watching the show can hear me. However the children that are trying to talk to me don’t. It’s almost impossible to hear a child talking amongst the din of chattering parents at the best of times but if that child is a little shy it’s even harder. I aim to install a confidence in a child helper, make them feel comfortable and empower them, so that shy child that first came up to help me leaves full of confidence and full of pride, but if I have to constantly ask them to repeat what they’ve said it knocks that confidence and understandably.


I completely understand that you parents have busy lives and apart from five minutes at school gates you don’t get to catch up with friends that often, so it’s natural that when you’re together for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon you’re going to want a natter. I just ask that you keep it down. At the end of the day you’re there for your children and it’s their show. If they could or felt so inclined they would tell you to “sit still and be quiet.”

I try to make Little Monsters shows as inclusive as possible. I recognise that you the adults are there too, and try to make it entertaining for you as a well as the kids.


I’m not sure that this is a battle I will ever completely win but if this blog goes just a little way in helping, then it’s a good start.

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