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Incredible Cost Of Childrens Parties

Monday, June 8, 2015 12:00 AM

The incredible cost of childrens parties, how far would you go?

How far would you go to ensure your child has the best birthday party ever?

It’s no secret that many parents grimace at the mere thought of a Childs birthday party, whether it be their own child, of having to disrupt their Saturday to go to someone else’s Childs party. It’s something most parents would say they could do without.

But, love them or loath them they are big business in some areas. From a humble house party with a few friends. To a Disney themed extravaganza with portable ice rink.
Like all businesses supply and demand drives competition. Competition among the businesses themselves and also among the parents who book the parties,

Picture the scene, you have a 5 year old daughter with a birthday in the next month. You are a very busy parent but have the time to spare some thought to that up and coming birthday. Your daughter has already said that she would like a party,

“No problem” you thought. “We’ll clear out the dining room and we’ll have the party in there. There should be enough room for about ten of her friends. Great, I’ll get planning food and games, this is going to be so exciting”. 4 weeks to go.


One week later you’re picking your daughter up from school and she brings you a party invitation from one of her class friends. It’s for a party this weekend.

The first thing that goes through your mind isn’t anything to do with the party you have been invited to, but “I hadn’t even thought about invitations”

That’s not really a problem though; you can easily get hold of a dozen invitations.

The weekend comes along and it’s the afternoon of your daughters friends’ party. Your daughter wants to ware her princess dress because everyone is dressing up.

“Hhmmm” you think, “that would make an interesting spin on our party”

The party is in a village hall, not far from your home at all. When you arrive the party is already in full swing and you can hear the music as you come through the door.

On arriving you are immediately amazed, firstly by the amount of children there are at the party, there must be the entire class there. Then by the disco playing great tunes along with flashing lights and laser beams and there’s someone leading the children in dances. Then you notice the bouncy castle along with all the beautifully laid out tables of food and there in the centre of the table, the most amazing Mickey Mouse themed birthday cake you have ever seen.


Your daughter has already involved herself in the party fun leaving you to find someone that you know who you can sit next to. All the while you are thinking about your daughters party, in your dining room, with the stereo, and some games, and ten friends, but hey, it could be great.
Everyone you’re talking to is saying how much thought went into this party and how lovely it is to see the children dancing and having fun on the bouncy castle. When, Oh my word, Mickey and Mini Mouse come in through the door. Your daughter along with all the other children run at break neck speed from one side of the hall to the other to greet them. To say they are excited would be an understatement.

This would probably be the point where you throw in the towel on your dinning room party and start collecting business cards from the bouncy castle guy and the entertainers.

This is just a simple scenario that many parents find themselves in when it comes to their childs party.
But what about the more extreme cases? How far would you go to ensure your party was better than the last one you went to. Where does it end?

Big event planning companies will gladly provide you with an Alive in wonderland / Peter pan party which would include a marquee in your garden, a purpose build ship deck, along with Pirates to help out with activities. Fairground rides extravagant buffet and giant mushrooms and of course appearances from Alice and Peter themselves. All for the modest sum of £70,000 (not a typo…£70,000, seventy thousand pounds.

These companies are far more used to dealing with celebrity parties than your average after school or weekend party but between that dining room party and £70,000 there’s a lot of middle ground that many parents are willing push the boat out to.

The question is, how far would you go?

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