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Monday, February 15, 2016 12:00 AM

Finally January is over and we can get on with the year ahead.

Finally January is over and we can get on with the year ahead. January is usually a quiet month as is February, I guess people are recovering from the bedlem of December and Christmas. Many event organisers don’t bother at this time for the same reason.

For Little Monsters however, things are just starting to get exciting. Party bookings are picking up pace, I have some exciting new material in the pipeline for the year to come, but what I am most excited about is is my photo shoot with Simeon Lloyd this Friday. It’s been about 7 years since I last had some staged photo’s done so it’s about time. I’m especially looking forward to the fact that I have been lucky enough to get the help of some mums and their children. Having kids in the photo’s should really bring the pictures to life. I want to try an avoid those pictures where the subject gazes longingly into the lense. I feel that my show is dynamic so my photo’s should reflect that.

Then a little later, probably around March Showboat Tv are coming to record my show. I’ve been busy selecting the right material to use for the show. The show will be held in front of the St Katharines & Stratford Players juniors. My aim is to create a showreel that will front my new website. Didn’t I mention the new website?  Just like my current website I am building it myself. I am by no means an expert in this, in fact I’m far from it, if it wasn’t for Google Addwords you probably wouldn’t see my site, terrible SEO apparently.

That is the reason for creating a new one. I aim to improve the SEO of the site so that it might be more visable. Combining the new site with the new photo’s and the video is making things very exciting for me indeed.

This Blog will also be embeded into the new site, so that should help direct traffic to the site.

Right, Ive got loads to be getting on with today so I’d better get on with it. Don’t forget, Easter Bunny party cups are available to order from now so don’t delay, order today.


Bye for now..


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