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All the juicy details about The Balloon Man. 
The man behind Little Monsters.

Stuart Rogers AKA Little Monsters or The Balloon man, has been in the entertainment industry since 1990.

Although he doesn’t look old enough to have been alive for that long never mind entertaining people young and old.

Stuart is one of the nicest chaps you could ever hope to meet, highly intelligent, mysterious and dashingly good looking, and not a bit modest.

Even while misbehaving as a child his mother would always say “He should be on a stage." There was also something about playing with traffic as well.

Stuart started Little Monsters in 2007 after witnessing the effect that childrens entertainers had on the Childrens ward at Cardiff University Hospital Wales.

“It was some kind of epiphany, this is what I want to do.” He said

At the time Stuart had no skills in magic or balloon modelling, but he could lay a mean patio as his previous occupation was in Landscaping.

He locked himself away in a dark isolated tower for 300 years and begun honing the crafts of Balloon bending and wizardry, otherwise known as childrens entertainment.

Doing this he hoped that the children would smile and even laugh out loud, or LOL as it later became known. Although he was teased at the school while picking his own children up, children can be so cruel. They would dance around him and chant “You’re the Magic Man, you’re the Magic Man,” and ask him to make things disappear.

Stuart went back to the ancient manuscripts and studied even harder the art of advanced Balloon bending until he was no longer the Magic man that the children had teased him about, No, he became “far more than a magician.”

Stuart became known as…..The Balloon Man.

Little Monsters unique combination of Balloon modelling and magic has been a great success with both children and parents. Shows are both traditional in their outlay but modern and dynamic in their presentation.

This kind of entertainment is about making people smile and after 300 years Stuart has done well.

Well done Stuart

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